Interview with Brasilian Capoeira Mestre Paulinho Sabia :

Interview with Brasilian Capoeira Mestre Paulinho Sabia.

Capoeira is an afro-brasilian martial art. It is believed to have originated some 400 years ago sometime during the
transatlantic slave trade. Historical estimates are that at least 12 million people were brutalized into servile labor
and forced to relocate in South American countries among them Brasil and especially in the Bahia region.

Afrio Brasilian slaves where prohibited from organizing any efforts at rasing their consciousness
with the goal of obtaining their freedom. In the policed concentration camps the slaves developed
a dance that could be inter-changably foolish and silly looking or very deadly with lethal results.

While disguising deadly acrobatic movements as harmless dances the oppressed developed capoeira as a
tool for fighting, surviving and escaping.

In this interview Mestre Sabia illuminates his experience from world travels and the evolution of the techniques hee sees.
Mestre Sabia is a founder of one of the largest capoeira groups in the world with classes on 5 continents Grupo Capoeira Brasil.

The interview took place in the Gainsborough Studios, Central Park, New York City.



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Location: New York City - Near Central Park