Protesters and police get in terse confrontation amid march in Manhattan

A protest group called Shut It Down has Marched through Manhattan on September 14 for Daniel Prude. The original meeting place, Grand Central Terminal, was shut down prior to their arrival. They marched through Penn Station, and later placing barricades against the existing chanting "we keep us safe."

A few people were seen knocking over the American flag in what appeared to be a "Never Forget" memorial, one person was about to kick the flag but stopped when they realized it is part of the memorial.

Some people confronted police for not wearing masks, called out their published complaints, and asked them "What do you even do?"
Two civilians were confronted and told to leave, one of which was heard saying "get a job" prior to the argument.

"We keep saying 'No Justice No Peace' and they keep killing us," said one of the protesters.


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