Body cam video released of fatal shooting between Walnut Creek police

Surveillance video at 7:30
Body cam at 8:30

The Walnut Creek Police Department has released body cam footage that shows the moments leading up to the fatal shooting of Miles Hall earlier this month.

Miles Hall was fatally shot by Walnut Creek police on June 2.

Police had responded to Sandra Court after receiving 911 calls reporting Hall was threatening his mother and grandmother.

When police arrived, they found Hall carrying what appeared to be a crowbar.

Police say that the officers first tried to stop Hall by shooting non-lethal bean bags at him when he refused to put down the weapon.

When he charged at them, the two officers fired their guns, killing the 23-year-old.

The family believes the officers did not use proper de-escalation techniques when they arrived on the scene on June 2 and that Miles’ death was preventable.

"As can be seen on the videos, the contact with Mr. Hall happened rapidly and did not allow for an opportunity for dialogue with Mr. Hall before he presented a threat to officers, which led to the use of force," Walnut Creek PD said in a statement Tuesday.



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