Patrol Car Video Shows Kazemi's DUI Stop With McNair

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - NewsChannel5 Investigates reviewed the tape which shows Kazemi getting arrested and McNair taking a cab home just two days before they died.

It all started when police pulled over the Cadillac Escalade on Broadway for going 54 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. Kazemi was driving with Steve McNair in the passenger seat.

After officer Shawn Taylor gets to the window, McNair asked if Officer Taylor remembered him.

"You remember me?" asked McNair.
"Yep sure do," said Taylor. "Remember me?"

They would remember each other because five years earlier Taylor pulled over McNair for DUI, but a judge threw the case out.

This time officer Taylor went back to his patrol car and called a fellow officer seemingly surprised by who was in the car.

"Guess who is with her? Yep. Drunk as, he's drunk as hell. She's not," said Taylor.

Taylor then put Kazemi through field sobriety tests and determines she was impaired. Later police allowed McNair and someone else to get out of the SUV and take a taxi.

In the back of the patrol car Kazemi asked for McNair to come over, but he was already gone.

"He just left here. I told him and he was more than welcome to come back to the car and talk to you. He chose to get in a taxi and leave," said Taylor.

Kazemi later called another friend to come and get the SUV. She then called McNair and asked that he get her out of jail.

"Don't forget me," said Kazemi.
"Downtown right," said McNair.
"Yes," said Kazemi.
"Okay," said McNair.
"Okay love you," said Kazemi.
"Bye," said McNair.

She spent about four hours in jail. Police said McNair did bond her out. They said later that same day Kazemi bought the gun used in the murder.

Police did not charge McNair because he and Kazemi owned the vehicle together. If McNair had solely owned the vehicle, he could have faced charges for allowing an impaired person to drive.

Posted: July 8, 2009 11:34 PM
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