Trump scoffs a morning mcfish, and tweets hey our fbi broke the law by investigating me, never mind the indictments, it’s a Fox News poll.

Trump decides hey a new day time to destroy America some more, weaken homeland security, let our adversaries know USA is weak and divided, and we have no allies, we don’t need anyone. Even ourselves. The poll actually stated that 58% say they may have broken the law, but who cares about facts. Trump has successfully turned America against itself.

Donald J. Trump
New Fox Poll: 58% of people say that the FBI broke the law in investigating Donald J. Trump.
7:05 AM · May 17, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

Keep up the good work breaking deals, bankrupting America, trashing democratic institutions and skirting the law any way you can. Lock trump up. Let the memes fly my friends.


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