Guy demonstrates eating "Three Squeaks" listed in Chinese cuisine

grip the baby mouse, 1st squeak
dip it in sauce, 2nd squeak
bite it, 3rd squeak.

That's why it's called Three Squeaks.

Google translate

The raw material is preferably rat cubs, but recommended is alive, to be condiments epigenetic food. The so-called "three-squeak" ",

Is when you use chopsticks to rat cubs, cubs mouse will issue a "squeak," the called out, and then when you put the Cubs hairless mouse gets spicy seasonings after rat cubs will "squeak" is called cry, and finally when you mouse cubs into the mouth, it will issue a final bang called; this is the famous "three squeak," the.

Spices according to personal taste modulation, (salt and pepper, hoisin sauce, lamb spices, creative enough on the line.)

However, pink hairless mice fed cubs use honey. Long tail of mice that bacteria and infectious diseases, so with the rats in captivity more comfortable.