Hungary's Orban calls for more anti-immigration politicians in EU | Raw Politics

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called on Thursday for anti-immigration politicians to take over EU institutions.

"Hungary's objective is to have each and every single institution of the European Union, a majority of forces that reject immigration," Orban told reporters.

His comments came as some 49 migrants, who had been stranded at sea onboard a rescue ship for more than two weeks, disembarked after nine member states reached a deal.

For Swedish MEP Kristina Winberg, from the Sweden Democrats Party, Orban's comments echo what many countries think.

"We can see now a lot of countries, member states, have enough. We have this mass immigration and we cannot handle the situation," she told ' Raw Politics show, denouncing the current approach of trying to enforce migrant relocation quotas.

But Linnea Engstrom, a fellow Swedish MEP but from the Green Party, branded Orban's speech as "dreadful, fear-mongering".

"He's not offering any solutions at all. It's not an issue you can just shut out or to solve by closing borders," she said. "We have to have a strategy."

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