Russia Famed Nuclear Cruise Missile

Well Russia is finally admitting to the accident. The nuclear cruise missile that Putin touted as unstoppable , certainly is the prime culprit in the nuclear accident that caused a 20% radiation spike in near by towns, and the rush to by iodine tablets. in a quote from Rosatom "
said the explosion occurred while engineers were testing "a nuclear isotope power source" for a rocket. Local authorities in nearby Severodvinsk reported a brief spike in radiation levels after the explosion, swiftly publishing a statement on a local administration website -- but then later removing it without explanation."
Director of Russian Federal Nuclear center, Vyacheslav said to be working with the Government commission into the accident. The burials for the top Scientist killed in blast is today.
The missile in question is the 9M730 Buresvestnik.

The NATO alliance has designated it the SSC-X-9 Skyfall. 2018 Putin bragged about this missile as unstoppable. Weapon is still in testing phase and has two known accidents, this being the worse of the two. The first Test missile fell into the White Sea. The area had been closed off for about a month to shipping before testing. Instead they have to worry about the environmental impact of radiation.
US Military Tested Nuclear cruise missiles back in 50-60's and found that they leaked radiation and gave up the the idea as too dangerous.
Added are Satellite data of the area.


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