+++ urgent +++ Why USA is backing down +++ urgent +++

Joseph Francis Dunford, Jr. (US Marine corps general - no gay)

American Patriot? A new Smedley Darlington Butler (no gay)?

Is the US backing down or is the US military giving Russia a free hand?
Is a military coup finally underway in the United States? There are clear
signs of that. It seems like the US-marine corps and US top brass are
in contact with the US and China about the ongoing power shift and the final
cutthroat operations inside the US to finally hunt down the jewish cabale
that is rotting the USA since 100 years or so from the inside.

Since yesterday the FED is not available under www.federalreserve.org but ...erve.gov
Netanyahoo was denied entry to Germany and told he will not receive submarines anymore
from Germany even though The Syrian Marine forces sunk two miserable jewish diesel
crews to ground of the mediterranean sea. Israeli war planes were chased away by superior
Russian Sukhois in an attempted false flag attack on the Syrian Army in Aleppo.

Disguised as US airforce the jews wanted to tip the balance of the Aleppo in favour of the
ISIS vermins. The fall of Aleppo will mark the beginnig of the end of the war.

All that semms to indicate that US is not backing down but actively fighting the enemy
within, that is the jewish cabale, the freemason terrorist entity. Janet Yellen fading out
publicly is yet another sign that the financial hijacker have reached a dead end and will resort
to other tools of power such as climate change tax to finance their crumbling gangster clan.

China and Russia indroducing an alternative international payment System other than the jewish controlled Swift is nothing else but taking over the the financial arena outside of the USA.

Ever more states and nations are moving away from the USA - even the King of Saudi Arabia was diagnosed Alzheimer and ws moved to a hospital either in fear of his own life or imprisoned by his son Salman who paid a visit to Russia to hand over the Middle East Oil market into the hands of Russia in fear of ISIS and in exchange for the survival of his kingdom. US carrier leaving the persean gulf (for maintnenance) and the emergence of the Chinese Navy on US shores and int the Baltics aswell s their carrier in Syrian waters head to head to the russian carrier further prooves that there is a tremendous powershift underway.

This is being conducted by the Naval forces in close cooperation - until now peacefully.
The man for the US might be a real patriot who might avoid to lose an unwinable major war
but in an act of bravery will win back what was laid into the chains of usury and money slavery

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