Woman assaulted by a man in a bar

" A 21 year-old was assaulted at a bar. '' I was very angry to see cowardice, people tried to hold me, but no one held the man, My rebellion is to see that several men were around me and nobody did anything." The girl said

She was at a bar and asked the waiter to provide a table. That's when nearby men next bothered her. They didn't want to let the waiter put the table next to them, I don't know if it was because they had no table or if they didn't want me to sit there," she says.

She then demanded the bar's manager's. While talking to him, a young man entered the discussion and started screaming. "He said he was going to kill me, and then he pushed me."
"When I tried to get up, he and the gray-haired man pushed me back." After, i felt dizzy and bewildered. In the sequence, she goes to the aggressor who hits her with a punch again.

More than 10 men were there, and nobody did anything. I was on the ground, and everyone saw, it only lacked applause," she said.
The women has registered a police report."

Happened in Brazil


By: plakka (2094.40)

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