GoPro footage shows aggressive python caught in chicken coop

This is the moment a brave snake wrangle caught a ferocious wild python with one hand.

The 13ft long reptile was seen coiled up inside a chicken coop on a farm in Trang, southern Thailand.

Rescue workers were called and one of the team wore a GoPro head camera to record the capture of the snake.

One of the team used a cloth to distract the snake, which was hissing aggressively, while another crept up behind and grabbed the python's throat.

The coop owner Supaporn Chumee, 46, said she has lost more than ten chickens in recent months and she believes the snake is to blame.

She said: "I was mystified by the number of missing chickens in the last couple of months. Now I've caught the culprit red-handed.''

The rescue workers put the chicken into a sack and released it back into the wild far from the coop.


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Location: Thailand