The mother of three children pulled out a dog that fell through the ice.

The network published footage of rescue dogs, shot the other day in Mytishchi near Moscow. A large mother named Alina, who works as a pediatrician, acted as a rescuer.

A woman walked with children in the park. Her dog tried to catch up with the duck and ran out onto the ice. As a result, the animal was in the water, could not get out on its own and began to sink.

Decisive lady came to the aid of the pet. She asked passers-by to look after the children, and, having thrown off her outer clothing, rushed into the pond. Alina got to the dog at that moment when he was about to go down. She managed to find the collar and deliver the distressed to land.

None of the participants in the ice bath were injured.

Video credit: IG/@tolkacheva.katya/


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