Three people are killed and two injured at a gun shop

Three are dead and two have been injured after a man walked in to a Louisiana gun shop and started shooting as customers engaged him in gunfire.
The suspect was one of the people killed in the shootout with customers and employees, according to a press release.
Cops said that just before 3pm officers were dispatched to the Jefferson Gun Outlet, which sits next to a roller skating rink on the 6900 block of Airline Drive in Metairie.
Cops said that there are a total of three deceased, including the two victims who were inside the gun shop, which has an attached indoor gun range.

The man entered the gun outlet with a loaded gun unholstered, sources said.
The outlet reported that the alleged suspect got into an argument with a clerk who told him he should not have a loaded gun until he got inside the range.
Shots were fired when two customers on the indoor range engaged the man, sources told the outlet. Sources said that the man was shot and fired back at the two customers.
Police sources told the outlet that people on the range engaged the shooter to try and keep others safe


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Location: Louisiana, USA