Emotional reunion? Dog runs away from US marine owner after two years apart!

Not every reunion between owner and dog goes to plan.

Here, 10-year-old dachshund Demi, who hadn't seen her best friend and owner Matthew in two years while he was stationed overseas in Japan, is sceptical when the US Marine comes home.

Upon their reunion Demi at home in Texas, his beloved senior dog, is heard barking and running away from Matthew.

Luckily (at 1:23 in the video) Demi finally appears to recognise her owner and cries with delight.

Demi was living with Ashley, the filmer and Matthew's younger sister while he was stationed abroad.

Ashley told Newsflare: "Her initial reaction was shock and it doesn’t really hit her that Matthew’s home until he gets down to her level and she can really smell him. This is the reaction we all initially expected.

"She didn't recognise him - or maybe she did. That’s for you to decide."

The sweet video was recorded at home in Killeen, north of Austin, in April 2019.


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