Chinese driver thrown out of car after pressing accelerator by mistake

A driver was thrown out of her car after she pressed accelerator by mistake in eastern China.

The CCTV video, shot in Jiangsu's Zhenjiang on November 2, shows a car reversing onto a busy road, knocking down a scooter rider and throwing the woman out onto the ground.

The car kept moving for more than ten metres until it crashed into the embankment.

According to reports, the car driver opened her car door to argue with a scooter rider after the scooter allegedly scratched the car.

Since the car driver already pulled the handle to reverse her car, after she realized the car was sliding backwards, she got nervous and pressed the accelerator instead of the brake accidentally.

The woman's daughter was in the car when the incident happened, the police said. The scooter driver and the car driver both had injuries in different degrees.


By: NewsFlare (54006.00)

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