UK : 125 murders in London during 2018

The number of homicides in London this year is the highest since 2009, with the Mayor Sadiq Khan being warned he needs to take "drastic action" to cut violent crime in the capital.

There have been 125 violent deaths in London in 2018 so far, the latest being that of 18-year-old Jay Sewell who was stabbed to death in a fight in southeast London on Tuesday.

Six people are in custody on suspicion of Mr Sewell's murder, including a 16-year-old boy, three men aged 22, 31 and 56, and two women aged 29 and 53.

It aims to borrow from a successful scheme in Scotland which uses a public health approach to crime, where police, housing, health and care workers join together.

In a letter to Mr Khan, members of the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee (LAPCC) expressed concern that the focus of the VRU was too narrow and concentrated too much on youth gangs.

It pointed out that half of the murders in London this year were of people over the age of 25 and almost 17% were the result of domestic violence.

It also claims that VRU's initial £500,000 funding is "far from sufficient to resource the unit over the long term

Trumptards : " London is a warzone "

Meanwhile in the U.S, at least 40 cities have more murders than London, LOL


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