Lama Ole Nydahl: Inner Freedom

Lama Ole Nydahl is an experienced lama in the Diamond Way Karma Kagyu tradition: In this video, Lama Ole talks about how the inner freedom that is the goal of Buddhism both depends on and reinforces our outer freedoms. The West is blessed with democracy and well-functioning legal systems, which rest, along with all our other freedoms, on freedom of speech.
It is crucially important that these outer freedoms are preserved, especially when special interest groups try to take them away. But even if we have these positive outer circumstances, if we compulsively react to situations, if we are slaves of like and dislike, we cannot be said to have much inner freedom. Lama Ole Nydahl is one of the few who have gained this inner freedom.


By: Chauke (4123.20)

Tags: Freedom, Karma, Dharma, Frohe Weihnacht!