Anthoine Hubert F2 crash - Belgium Spa Francorchamps

French professional racing driver Anthoine Hubert died following a crash in the Belgium F2 Spa(31/08/2019)

'Anthoine Hubert, a driver in the F1 young driver feeder series Formula 2, was killed in a major accident at Spa Francorchamps that halted Saturday's F2 feature race.

The crash took place at Radillon, the crest of a steep hill and the end of a flat-out curve sweeping left then right and left again, where cars are usually traveling around 300 km/h (180 mph).

French 22-year-old Anthoine Hubert hit the wall on the outside of the corner, after contact with the car of Giuliano Alesi. Then Ecuadorean-American driver Juan Manuel Correa, himself off line after an incident that wasn't caught on camera, plowed straight into the stricken car of Hubert.

Hubert was airlifted to a local hospital and succumbed to his injuries at 18:35 p.m. local time, over an hour after the accident. Correa was also taken to hospital, his condition is described as stable. Alesi was treated at the medical center at the track and has been released.'


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Location: Belgium