Escape of prisoners in the Brazilian prison of Ariquemes

A video from security cameras shows the moment when approximately 13 detainees attempted to escape from the Ariquemes Prison, in the Brazilian state of Rondônia, in the Jamari Valley region, on Sunday (August 2).

In the video, it is possible to see the exact moment that the inmates run through the prison yard, climb two security bars, a wall, and escape. The prisoners who managed to escape are suspected of joining criminal factions.

According to the homicide police, two detainees were killed and two were seriously injured during the escape attempt.

According to information from correctional officers, inmates in cells B14 and B18 closed the bars and ran outside of the unit.

On the run, a prison officer shot the prisoners after disobeying the order to stop. Two were shot and killed on the spot. Two other inmates were also shot and had to be taken to care in Porto Velho due to health complications.

The Military Police (PM) command reported that the city public security was activated to be alert and surveillance around the prison was reinforced to guarantee security.


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