Man Stabbed In The Street

Felon accused of killing man arrested. In the early hours a man, identified as Claudiney Lins da Silva, 38, (wearing a hat) was the victim of stabbing murder. The crime took place at the end of the third street near the frog beach. According to information from the victim's family, Claudiney reportedly left his home to sleep with his girlfriend, when he was intercepted by the accused, who persecuted him and committed the crime.According to information gathered by Giro, Vitor was caught in the act while sleeping at his residence, located near the crime scene. Claudiney's mother, Raimunda Ivadete, stated that her son was not a bad person, because he didn't go out and mess with anyone on the street. About the incident, circulates on social networks a video in which appears the scene of the crime, which occurred at 00h33, exposing the action of the criminal and Claudiney being brutally murdered. In the video appears the victim running from the accused who is holding a knife, trying to escape, but to no avail, as the killer soon reaches him and strikes him in the neck. Right after the stab, the victim goes to the ground, yet the perpetrator starts a sequence of at least four kicks. Several people appear in the scene, the perpetrator of the crime, accompanied by a woman witnessing the murder, holding what appears to be a stick. Then, after the crime occurs, three other women appear. Everyone leaves the scene leaving the victim thrown in the middle of the street.


By: 2415elcapitan (13020.70)

Tags: fight, man killed, arrest

Location: Brazil