US man has epic reaction to hummingbird feeding from his hand

This was the awesome reaction from a New Jersey man when he managed to feed a hummingbird from his hand.

Footage filmed on May 18 shows the man, named Tom, posing with a feeder as two hummingbirds hover around him.

To Tom's surprise, one of the birds approaches him and takes from the feeder he is holding and his reaction is priceless.

He told Newsflare: "We’ve been courting hummingbirds over the last couple years, adding lots of feeders and plants to get them to come around.

"We’ve got a few that may be nesting near our house this year.

"A couple of weeks ago I told my wife that I was making it a goal to feed a hummingbird with some finger feeders we got.

"We went out one evening to refill the feeders and my wife got some great footage of me feeding a hummingbird.

"The surprise and joy on my face received overwhelmingly positive feedback online."

The video has garnered a viral status by getting over 85,000 upvotes on Reddit.



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