Saxophone player entertains neighbours in France as fireman dance on cherry picker next to his balcony

This is the heartwarming moment a saxophonist played music from his balcony while firefighters passed by - then raised their cherry picker to his room.

The young sax player boosted the volume of his sound system and accompanied the music with melody using his wind instrument in a tribute to health workers fighting the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

When the firetruck heard the noise, they cruised down the street and the firemen floated up to the sax player's balcony and began dancing along with him in Lyon, France on May 8.

The delighted firefighters danced to the music and more than 200 residents gathered in the street below for the impromptu performance.

Onlooker Jean-Claude Mazallon said that the sax player is his neighbour and he is nicknamed "Sandy Sax''.

He said: "Sandy has been playing the sax from his balcony several times during confinement to pay tribute to the essential workers fighting the Covid-19.

''This time he was playing and a fire truck arrived. They went up the big ladder and danced in the basket while he played. It was an amazing moment. It was the France I love.''



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Location: Frnace