Exploding centerpiece at a bar in Argentina injures and kills 19-year-old girl

A 19-year-old girl died and eight others were injured when a fired centerpiece exploded at a bar in the Buenos Aires town of San Miguel, Argentina, on Sunday (October 11).

Witnesses say the fire occurred when a waitress tried to recharge a torch the centerpiece with a jerrycan of alcohol.

The tragic episode took place in an internal courtyard of the Tsar Burger, located in Paunero in 1189, and the deceased girl was named Lucía Costa. The young woman had met with friends and acquaintances from a local parish, at a table in an internal patio of the bar.

In the event, the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) number 4, specialized in culpable crimes, of the San Martín Judicial Department took part. While the premises in which the tragedy occurred was closed preventively. Prosecutor Tamara Vaisman charged the waitress, the manager, and the owner of the premises and began the investigation for "wrongful death."

Lucia's uncle, Maximiliano, explained to the C5N news channel that it was his niece's first outing with her peers since COVID-19, and the chosen place was this bar where she met with friends from a religious group in the Cathedral of San Michael."

"They were sitting at a table that had a centerpiece with flames and when one of the waitresses approached with a five-liter can of alcohol to recharge this kind of torch, the can exploded and this burning fuel soaked those who were around, especially Lucia who received the worst of all this," he said.


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