'This is Trump Country': A SIX-mile stretch lined with Trump 2020 flags

Welcome to "Trump Country": a six-mile stretch in Ohio that's lined with hundreds of American and Trump 2020 flags.

Dashcam footage recorded on October 18, beginning on the intersection of SR 235, along the SR47 and leading to Bellefontaine, shows Trump flags flying on both sides of the roads.

One sign reads "This Is Trump Country," alongside hundreds of other pro-Trump yard signs.

The filmer told Newsflare: "I counted flags as I drove. There were 200 Trump flags by my count, and they rotate between Trump and American flags every other one. Equaling 400 total flags.

"One lone Biden house can also be spotted."

It is unclear who is behind the initiative but reports online suggest it was a joint effort with the Logan County Citizens for Trump Organization and local residents.


By: NewsFlare (98559.00)

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