UK teenager manages to dislodge numerous tonsil stones in bizarre footage

This was the bizarre moment numerous tonsil stones were dislodged from a UK teenager's mouth.

The unusual incident sees hard formations within the mouth be ejected, one after another.

The filmer said: "Unfortunately I have to regularly remove tonsil stones so it's not something I’m unfamiliar with.

"It’s completely painless and I honestly wouldn’t know they were there if I hadn't got into the habit of checking every night.

"I remove them because they’re gross and the thought of accidentally swallowing one turns my stomach yet they never cause me any physical pain.” describes tonsil stones as: "Different types of debris, such as dead cells, mucus, saliva, and food, can get trapped in these pockets and build up. Bacteria and fungi feed on this buildup and cause a distinct odour."
- video encodings still in process -


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