Father-to-be squats down to become 'human chair' for pregnant wife in Chinese hospital

A father-to-be was captured squatting down to become a "human chair" for his pregnant wife to rest upon in a hospital in southern China.

The heartwarming video, shot in the city of Deyang in Sichuan Province on December 1, shows a mother-to-be accompanied by her husband standing in the corridor waiting for a pregnancy test.

Since the pregnant woman‘s legs were numb but there was no seat for her, the man can be seen squatting down onto the floor to let her sit on his back to have a rest.

After the video was uploaded online, it caused a heated debate. One netizen said: "The husband warmed people's hearts."

Another focused onto the people sitting on the chairs: "Nearby people just ignored the pregnant woman, they were so unconcerned."


By: NewsFlare (60801.00)

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