Great Mills School Shooting - A CHILD ACTOR is The MEDIA Storyteller

Once again, a CHILD ACTOR seems to be one of the main media sources for a supposed "school shooting", just like Parkland. This actor was admittedly involved in Parkland "shooting" already, and practically admits this one was to maintain the momentum politically.

In fact, the OFFICIAL cop media spokesperson, appears to be connected to this storyteller's family - and conveniently, to the school itself. Both families also lived in the same town in Florida, where the same child actor promoted fake Pulse shooting in 2016.

Parkland Child Actors ALSO Pushing the Fraud;


The VAST majority of widely publicized "mass shootings", are with DRILLS. This is because the "shooting" is actually PART of the drill. This "shooting" is no exception, as shown by eyewitness testimony. (See,, .)

The Stoneman High "shooting" bears more than a passing resemblance to the PROVEN FAKE "Sandy Hook Massacre." This will become increasingly obvious, as more of our information is released in the near future. See the videos linked below for Sandy Hook information to compare. The Sandy Hook "massacre" used faked identities for the children shown in the "victim" pictures, effectively making them also 'children who were never born' (see and . Also find a wealth of information below on the similar Columbine "massacre"; another proven fake.

SIMILAR CASES - [SCRUBBED from YouTube, available HERE]


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