Trump gaslights family separation at the border. Now he tweets he ended the practice, after he tweeted he started the practice to deter.

Trump now in the death throws of being a racist loser divider of America decides I’m just going to make stuff up from here on out. Try and obstruct that, you can’t, no one obstructs like trump. No one lies like trump either. Is it delusion, trolling, mental health, senility.
It may be the game plan to gas light so his remaining base of cultists don’t know which way is up, what is right or wrong, or good or bad policy. Certainly no one knows what trump says or does anymore.

Donald J. Trump
The cages for kids were built by the Obama Administration in 2014. He had the policy of child separation. I ended it even as I realized that more families would then come to the Border!
9:46 PM · Jul 31, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

There be memes for trump. These memes are not only insightful, humorous, poignant. They represent hope in America. Don’t stop memeing folks, we need inspiration till trump loses and his perp walk for obstruction can commence.


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