Big Potato Harvest in Belgium

Big Potato Harvest in Belgium | Fendt 1050 & 1042 - AVR Puma - Grimme Varitron - Cleanloader

In the Belgian region Wallonie near the French border, known for it's large potato growing farms, we see the harvest operation of Nemegheer farms. Two self propelled 4-row AVR Puma and Grimme Varitron harvesters lift the spuds out the soil. Fendt 1050 & 1042 tractors both with large Dezeure 3 axel tip-trailers unload the crop in to a Grimme Cleanloader where the exes soil and rocks is sifted out and loaded on to trucks that take the potatoes to the storage.


By: offroadnutz (4472.46)

Tags: Potatos, Tractors, harvestors, soil,

Location: Belgiam