Open Wu Shu Martial Arts Championships Nettetal 2018 Germany hosted by Kai Jansen

2nd of June 2018 was the day of the open Wu Shu martial arts Championships in Nettetal Germany, a tournament for the Chinese Martial Arts.
Me Douwe Geluk and my team: Argentina Cotcheza, Douwe ter Horst, Laura Bonthuis participated on this great event. This is a small promo video i made to show some features of our participation in Germany. Thanx to Kai Jansen


By: TaiChiApeldoorn (90.00)

Tags: martial arts, competition, mma, douwe geluk, netherlands, apeldoorn, nettetal, kai jansen, wu shu, kung fu, jackie chan, bruce lee, jet li, jean claude van damme, bloodsport, fighting, fighter

Location: 41334 Nettetal, Germany