The American government, with the help of youtube, is trying to stir up police hate.

They want to stir up your hatred so they can crack down more on your freedoms. This video, in my opinion, is one example of videos posted and staged by an increasing number of false youtuber's. Don't believe me ! I'll prove it! This video is posted by an "ordinary" youtube'r who happens to run into trouble with the police all the time. He, swears at them and gives complete disrespect in most of his posts. For some reason, getting away with it every time. He does it, by questioning them on the law. However, I believe he gets away with it because the law is in on it.

There are TWO moments in this video that give it away. Apart from the obvious over police presence. The on going narrative over the video is telling you what to think about the situation. The first point to notice is at 8:06. For some reason the guy with the camera takes notice of one particular office, out of the THIRTY OR SO. He says, "this scum gets my attention". He proceeds to focus him zoom on him. AFTER a few seconds of mention it, the cops shines a light at him! HOW THE HELL would the cop KNOW he was zooming in at that time, or the camera guy know the cop was going to shine the light? The second point to notice is at 11:16. Another ZOOM in. The suspect has already been searched, this is the second time. However this time, all the cops who were spread out before hand, all converge around him for extra drama.

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