Man smashed bottles on the head of a store visitor

A resident of Klin near Moscow arranged a brutal reprisal against a friend in a supermarket by smashing two bottles on his head, according to the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The bully got into the lens of the surveillance camera.

A bloody scene broke out in the morning in a store on Tchaikovsky Street, where a 37-year-old man looked in after a night shift. In the wine department, he noticed a friend who stole a portable music column from him and immediately switched to the avenger mode. Grabbing a bottle from the counter, the man inflicted a crushing blow on the head of the enemy, and then another, but another bottle. The victim decided not to wait for the third swing and quickly took his legs off, and the Buyan walked around the supermarket for several minutes, frightening visitors.

The victim escaped with minor injuries, although traces of blood on the floor in the store spoke of serious damage.

The suspect was detained, he explained his deed by the fact that the opponent had stolen a portable music column from him shortly before the skirmish. Now the bully faces up to seven years in prison, he will wait for the court on his own recognizance.



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