Rare white squirrel discovered during morning walk in Toronto

Footage from Toronto, Canada shows a rare white squirrel spotted at The Trinity Bellwoods Park.

The squirrel, visible in stark contrast to the surrounding greenery because of its snow-white fur, was spotted by filmer Norm Di Pasquale while on his daily morning walk. Visiting the white squirrel has become quite a ritual for Di Pasquale, who lightheartedly refers to the snowy white squirrel as his friend.

Speaking about the squirrel Di Pasquale said: "I take a walk every morning at Trinity Bellwoods Park, to get some air, and to visit my white squirrel friends! There are three of them that live in a special corner of the park, near a large oak tree. Seeing them makes my day."

Footage was filmed November 5.


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Location: Toronto