G_go the log dog of liveleak.

Took a walk back to check on the machines and G_go always amazes me.
Maybe more so being several months back my little house dog came running in the house soaking wet and barking at me. Something she's out of the norm to do .
So I followed her to the outside door where I heard whimpering.
G_go had climbed the fence and was hanging downside up and her back leg was twisted comppeattly around..
She was soaking wet and from what little I know going into shock.
Dried her off ,petted her calmly, held her from as long as it took for her to start responding with a sense she knew she was safe I guess.
Her leg dangled and she showed no control over it. I molded a formed splint cast device and secured her leg with ace bandages and the splint for maybe 7 days and her leg tightened up and she was wondering and licking it. I rubbed her leg and after a short period it loosened up and the next day during bandage rewrapping she gently worked her leg putting her foot lightly down and now showing control again.
My guess after what I seen and was aware of was her leg had been dislocated and the night it crampped up on her the muscles pulled it back into place. And she's been getting better ever sense.
Thanks for reading her story.
Take care.



By: Hollrobb (1787.66)

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