Death-defying train stunt performed by double amputee in Mumbai

Dev Mishra, 22, a double amputee, was filmed performing a high-risk stunt on a Mumbai train.

Holding a pole near the door, he lifts his body, and even pushes it outside the door of the speeding train.

“I did that to show myself that I can overcome my disability and push the limits. But my friends and family members were so upset, I have promised never to repeat it again,” Dev Mishra says.

“It is against the law to perform such stunts and no one should attempt them. It was a mistake,” he adds.

Dev lost both his legs in 2015 when he was a little over 17-years-old.

He was waiting at a railway station near his village in Begusarai district in Bihar when he was pushed from behind and the train severing both his legs just below the waist.

He rebuilt his life painstakingly and now takes part in bodybuilding and dance shows.

This footage was filmed in August 2019.


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