Out-of-control sports car smashes into dealership in China

An out-of-control Porsche smashes into a car dealership in China on April 1.

According to a member of staff working at the dealership, the Porsche driver wanted to avoid a car that changed lanes illegally, then made an abrupt turn to the right, and just to avoid a Haval car coming from the auxiliary road, the Porsche made a turn again, crashing directly to the 4S dealership.

Fortunately, there was a large display panel behind the glass wall of the 4s store at that time, which blocked the broken glass.

Chen Chao, the Marketing Director of the dealership, said: “There used to be lots of people near our store. It’s very lucky as the accident happened ten minutes earlier before the crowds to come. There is no one on this road during the whole accident. ”

The accident has been under investigation by police.

The footage captured on April 1, in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, eastern China, was provided by local media.
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