Mayor, police chief back APD officer beaten in arrest attempt

Alexandria police chief and mayor are backing the police officer who was beaten while trying to make an arrest at Rapides Regional Medical Center. The video of the altercation was caught on camera and posted on social media causing controversy across the area and nation.

On Thursday, the mayor and police chief released the body camera footage to the public and broke down what they say it shows. (Please note: The video contains graphic content.)

The body camera footage starts with APD officer Adam Dupuy asking Johnathan Rhodes, 20, and two other people in a truck on the medical center’s property, to turn down their music.

They eventually turned off the music, however, sometime later, the music was turned on again. Dupuy asked them to leave the property. Rhodes said they can’t because they are waiting on a friend. After some discussion, they leave in the truck.

APD said Corporal Dupuy then went back into the emergency room for his normal duties. After about ten minutes, Rhodes and the two other individuals are seen back on the medical center’s property, this time, outside of hospital doors, where Dupuy then confronts them.

Dupuy handcuffs Elijah McCall, 21, and the officer then asks Rhodes to back up towards him to arrest him. The two struggled. Chief King said Dupuy put his palm on the side of Rhodes’ head, but never pulled his hair— that’s when the struggle happened. Rhodes then punched Corporal Dupuy, knocking him unconscious. Rhodes then began to beat Dupuy.

Bystanders and backup police officers then intervened—the officer tased Rhodes and all three suspects were taken into custody.

”The officer followed the rules,” King said. “Rhodes admits he messed up.”

Chief King said Rhodes apologized multiple times during questioning, asking to apologize to Corporal Dupuy.

Video of the incident created a firestorm on social media about whether the officer handled the situation correctly—even grabbing the attention of rapper 50 Cent and Los Angeles activist Tariq Nasheed even paid Rhodes’ bond. But the mayor and police chief on Thursday backed Corporal Dupuy.

There was also speculation that Dupuy spat on Rhodes. Chief King said that didn’t happen. Officials say they aren’t expecting any new charges in the case. The city also said that Dupuy will not go through an internal investigation.

The body camera from the second officer was not released, but the city said that video could be released soon.



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