Muslim Female Sees "Allah" on Toilet Paper

A Muslim female believes "Allah" is written on toilet paper and goes full stupid.

Translation :

I am at the Marks & Spencer in Paris

I saw with my own eyes that the toilet paper contains the name of "Allah", the name of God

The stuff told me they will look into it and that they are shocked too. They also claim they didn't know but received many calls of people complaining about the same. They will look into this and immediately stop selling the toilet paper.

I call on everyone to do the same. Go to every Marks & Spencer in France and elsewhere and do the same.

Ask them to take this disgusting product from the shelves of their store. Also fill a complain directly at the headquarters of the store.

I make a big zoom because in some videos it might not be very visible. Perhaps in this one too. But I (video ends)


By: CrushCommunism (2044.80)

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Location: France