Woman Murdered by Her Ex-partner in Drive-by Shooting

G.T: Footage recorded by security camera shows the moment in which a man pulls out the gun and kills the ex-woman with shots in the South Zone of São Paulo. The crime was committed on Friday (12) in Campo Limpo.

Pizzeria owner José Manuel da Silva, 48, was arrested and indicted for femicide on suspicion of killing the housewife Renata Solange de Souza, 35. According to the Civil Police, he confessed to the murder. According to the police, Jose alleged that he shot Renata because she abandoned their three children at home to use drugs on the street.

According to the investigation, although they were separated for three years, Jose and Renata still lived together in the same residence.

In the images it is possible to see a man, who according to the police is Jose, reducing the speed of the car and approaching Renata. She walks next to her nephew on the sidewalk of Rua Constantino de Oliveira Ledo, in Regina Park, around 10pm.

Then the man shoots from inside the vehicle and hits the housewife, who falls. The scenes still show the man getting out of the car and pointing the gun at the boy. The nephew runs and then comes back to help his aunt.

Before fleeing, the shooter still fires once more at the fallen woman. Witnesses reported hearing five shots. Two shots hit Renata's chest. The nephew was not hit.

The housewife was still rescued from the Clean Field Emergency Room, but she could not resist the injuries and died. Renata was buried in the São Luiz Cemetery, also in the South Zone of São Paulo.

Jose was arrested in the act some 700 meters away from the scene of the crime. According to police, he confessed to the murder.

The case was registered in the 89th Police District (PD), Portal do Morumbi, as a qualified murder, in which the qualifier is the femicide, in addition to attempted murder and possession or illegal possession of a firearm.

On Saturday (13), the Court of Justice (TJ) of São Paulo ordered the arrest of Jose until his eventual trial for the crime.

According to the law, femicide is murder committed against women because of their gender condition. Since March 9, 2015, the legislation has provided for more serious penalties for homicides that fit this definition - that is, involving "domestic and family violence and / or disparagement or discrimination as a woman."

The most common cases of such killings occur for reasons such as separation. Renata leaves three children, aged 3, 6 and 12 years.


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