Motorcycle 'thieves' suffer head-on collision in UK's North West

This was the shocking moment a motorcycle rider and passenger riding pillion suffered a head-on collision in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Footage from May 2, 2019, shows the alleged motorcycle thieves ride along the pavement and when dismounting the curb an oncoming vehicle emerges from a bend and they crash yards from a pedestrian.

The filmer, Dave Dwyer, told Newsflare: "I was driving down Warrington Road in the Wigan Borough when a motorcycle appeared from a country lane with a rider and pavilion passenger who wasn't wearing a helmet.

"They continued to follow me for about a quarter-mile when they noticed a police car travelling towards our direction.

"As the police car passes the rider accelerated overtaking my car to the opposite side of the road onto the pavement.

"They continue to race past pedestrians at speed for a short time then jumped from the pavement back onto the road into an oncoming vehicle stopping them in there tracks."


By: NewsFlare (104454.00)

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