Dog bites rescuers after being saved from deep well in Thailand

A stray dog was rescued after falling into a well - only to turn on its saviours and bite them.

Locals heard the mutt wailing for attention after plunging into the 10ft deep concrete hole in Lopburi, central Thailand, last Friday (September 20).

Volunteers used a rope to haul the pooch to safety but it immediately lashed out at one of the group, sparking chaos as they ran away from the dog.

Rescue group boss Chaiwat Kunthathong said the dog was around three-years-old.

He added: ''He was trying to bite us so we ran away. But he still had the rope attached to his neck.

''He was running through the plantation field and nobody dared to go near him because of how aggressive he was.

"It took about two hours before we could catch the dog and give him water then let him go.''


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