Drone captures dolphin on frantic hunt for fish in Florida bay

A hungry dolphin was caught on camera chasing down a fish in the shallow waters of Tampa Bay, Florida.

Drone footage captured on February 25 shows a bottlenose dolphin speeding with remarkable agility as it pursues a jack crevasse.

The jack crevasse manages to dodge the predator with some sharp hairpin turns.

However, after a few minutes of erratic chasing, the dolphin manages to catch and eat the agile fish.

The drone filmer commented: ''Once the dolphin catches the fish, he has to tear it apart by rubbing and smashing the fish against the sand. This is because their mouths don't have enough jaw pressure to bite the fish in half, so when a dolphin catches a large fish they have to figure out how to tear it up.''



By: NewsFlare (74043.00)

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