AGENDA: Grinding America Down - FREE until May 10th

Yeah, this is kind of long. An hour and a half.

It's not to watch here, most likely, but to add to your hopeful list of "Worthwhile Documentaries I Watched During The Toilet Paper Wars of 2020".

There isn't a documentary I could more highly recommend.

This was made by Curtis Bowers and it documents the spread of communism from its inception to its present day existence and growth in the US as the liberal left. I used to say far liberal left, but that's no longer true anymore. Make no mistake. The left is calling for flat out socialism and in the midst of this virus we are directly seeing moves to make this happen (aka "stimulus" checks, etc.).

While this made back in back in 2010 it is perhaps more timely now.

If you've seen it and reposts piss you off, my apologies, but many people may not have seen it and they need to see it.

So add it to your list of good stuff to watch while we're all cooped up.

It's very much worth your while and time.

Cheers and wishing you well.

Oh, and this usually costs money to watch but it's free through May 10 so if you're seeing this post after that you have to fork over money to watch it. I bought not only the DVD but the poster that Bowers made for it as well. It's that good. Link to the site:


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