The Immortal Regiment at Victory Day 2019 in St Petersburg, Russia

"The Immortal Regiment" is an international civil patriotic social movement to save the memory about the veterans of the World War II.

Every year, at 9th of May on Victory Day, the participants of "The Immortal Regiment" are walking with columns through the streets of the cities carrying the photographs of their relatives - veterans of the Second World War (which is also know as "Great Patriotic War" in Russia).

It is founded in 2012 as action in the city of Tomsk, Russia, and became as popular as just for several years became as popular tradition as millions of people participate in it every year all over Russia, former Soviet Union and the World.

Like in most of other Russian cities, The Immortal Regiment goes several hours after the end of Victory Parade on Palace Square. Columns are going all along Nevsky Prospect, the main street of the city. They are coming to the Palace Square where is already going the biggest concert in St Petersburg, dedicated to Victory Day.


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Location: St Petersburg, Russia