eddies'prayer (long video versiOn) atliveleAk

hey guys and gals at liveleAk how is it going in cyberspace ..,./sUPERED here still alive well and happy..,/i am in wrter/directer mode now;;./ will do videos when i get money and people together.,still have the natural ability to create new and diff. sights and sounds but i want to make money doing it...,./ i have not sold out i just want to make videos that make a change for the better and that will take money and people;;.the people who see my videos here at liveleAk are some of my first original fans so i am writing these words to let ya all know that i am still doing crazy goofy stuff only not putting it on the internet now so stay tuned ;;./when the calling comes i will appear on the entertainment world but for now i uploaded one of my favorate videos ..its me playing costow one of my character i play this is the long unedited video versiOn its artisy and you all get a feel for what i use to do doing my street act ;;.the video was shot with only one pause at the end when i wanted to get a closeup of me on the floor so enjoy all the music words and body movements are my owe creation .,thats all for and as always be good..keep it real..stay healty;;have fun at no ones expence;..love each other and help those in NEED (not want) by love sUPERED IIIIII111111IIIIIIsUPERED 41920sUPERED liveleAk


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