Castlerigg Stone Circle -- Liveleaking in England's Lake District with Mr. This

So I was browsing around the LL site, and saw OwenHiggins' upload, earlier today, about ancient stone structures. This reminded me that I had some middlingly interesting clips of the Castlerigg Stone Circle, in The Lakes District of England, that I filmed while enjoying my first legitimate overseas vacation in decades. The filming was done on the 4th of November, last year 2019, and was during one of my side trips that I took from coming to participate in the Triggerwarning Free Speech "Meatspace Mincer" Event. It was a great vacation. I love England, and, if events play out just right, I plan to make England (and Ireland) two of the countries that I'll visit many times in the future. Free speech, Liveleak, free speech

My family and myself, from approximately 1956 to 1959, lived in various European countries, ending up with living in London, England for a little over a year. Just in case any of you good LiveLeak folk are suffering from boredom and that bad ju-ju cabin fever, I'm also including this link, below, to an upload of mine that I shared on Liveleak about 3 months ago. It's a long video, with good music tracks, but still, 30 friggin' minutes. You'd have to be really bored to watch it all, so proceed as you wish. I am the smaller of the two kids in the clips.......just sayin'...... Here is the title and link for that video. It has a good soundtrack, and passably interesting 8MM to Digital-converted clips of spots in Europe and England, along with footage of the ship the "SS United States'" transAtlantic crossing from England to New York City Harbor:

"My Family and Europe & England in the Mid-Late 1950s, Video Clips, 30 Minute Movie -- Thank You Liveleak and the Friendly Folk I've Met

The music for this video upload (not the music in the link's other historical video) was created by:
Jason Shaw, and from his website for free music (with proper attribution) ---- AMomentsReflection

Cheers, Liveleakers and TriggerWarningers. Stay safe ad sane.....


By: Cipher This (2816.70)

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Location: The Lakes District, England