Mayhem madness in McDonald's Birmingham (not Alabama)

A McDonald's restaurant in Birmingham descended into chaos as staff grappled and brawled with a lone man who knocked down one worker with a punch.

Footage shows a security guard struggle to control the man as customers are heard screaming in the Dale End McDonald's branch.

The video shows a staff worker drag the customer to the ground before they start lashing out at him.

As the security guard and three fast food workers try to control the man, his shirt tears open.

West Midlands Police said they were called to McDonald's restaurant at around 10pm on Thursday 14 November.

Officers said the dispute was between a security guard and a customer where the the guard was punched several times in the face by a man.

Staff attempted to restrain the man before he attacked two other fast food workers.

Police arrested a 26-year-old man on suspicion of assault after he was detained by McDonald's staff.

Suddenly the man falls to the ground with the security guard as a staff worker tugs at the man's shirt causing it to rip open.

The man appears to have calmed down but within seconds he punches the fast food worker twice causing him to fall to the ground.

Customers in the restaurant start screaming as the staff worker retaliates and punches the man three times.

One customer can be heard saying: 'Stop punching.'

'There are two people on him already you can't punch him like that', another customer says as blood is seen streaming from the man's face.

While the security guard is on the ground the lone man takes a swipe at a man in a white shirt before the pair square up to each other.

An alarm sounds in the background as the security guard pins the topless man against the wall.

The man says: 'I said to him I was sorry.

'Dude, I said to him I was sorry - look I didn't mean any of it.'

It is unknown who filmed the footage and why the altercation erupted. However the clip surfaced online on Friday 15 November.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: 'Police were called to reports of an assault in McDonalds, Dale End, Birmingham shortly before 10pm on Thursday 14 November.'

She said: 'Following a dispute between a security guard and a customer, the security man was punched several times to the face.

'Members of staff attempted to restrain him, before he turned and attacked two other staff members.

'A 26-year-old man was detained by members of staff and arrested on suspicion of assault. He was later released to a mental health facility.'



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