Polar Bear Clambers Ashore - 100's of Miles from Home

A polar bear was spotted swimming and climbing ashore hundreds of kilometers from its habitat.
Residents of a village on Russia's far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula were shocked when the animal, which looked exhausted, prowled the village searching for food. Corn-cerned residents gave it some fish (good humans).
A sober Greenpeace activist Vladimir Chuprov stated, "Sometimes I drink lots of vodka but, today, I sober." And, "We believe dis bear could have lost its bearings while drifting on an BIG ice floe, from its natural habitat in Chukotka, about 700 kilometres from Kachaktka."
Authorities plan to sedate the bear and then airlift it back home to Chukokta in a helicopter.


By: Homer Hart (8484.80)

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Location: Russia