Video of shooting people at a restaurant

According to preliminary data, one of the victims of night shooting at an institution had a gunshot wound in the neck, and the other in the chest.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region, a verbal quarrel occurred between the two companies near the restaurant building, which grew into a fight, and then into shooting.

During the conflict, one of the young men took out of his pocket and fired a traumatic pistol at his opponents.

As a result, a 28-year-old man was injured in the neck, head and forearm, and his 29-year-old friend was in the chest area.

Fire opened 28-year-old Belgorod. He was already detained, he repented of his deed. The man explained to the police that he almost did not drink alcohol in the restaurant tonight, but everything happened because of the conflict.

The shooter faces up to two years in prison. A criminal case has been opened.


By: ThisIsButter (44151.30)

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