Scuba Diving under a local pier, some interesting a peculiar sights underwater.

Shot this back a couple months ago. Most of the shots are from under a local pier here. Others are from tidepooling at night nearby.

The natural gas seeps are from a big oil reservoir underneath the sea floor. Most of the reservoir was extracted in the 40s-60s so it is no longer financially viable to drill here, yet we still get little seeps here and there. Still a cool sight and can smell it a bit of it on the surface.

Other than that it was a cool dive. More nudibranchs and shrimps. I'm curious which shots are better than others. My focus is quality video of the marine environment and so any ideas I'm all ears.

"This isnt LL material go back to youtube" lol k

The quality's a little better on youtube (but youtube sucks as a platform) so if you wanna view it (or steal it, idgaf) in 1080 60p then heres the link to the channel:

Music: Crossing Paths by Brock Berrigan

Thanks for the luls LL


By: MaverickDiving (36.00)

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